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An amazing comparison between Dunya and Aakhirah

At times, people skip a meal like breakfast in wait for a sumptuous lunch like a biryani. In short, such a person does some sacrifices (رياضت) in the present just for the sake of enjoying something delicious in the future. Thus he is ready to make such a sacrifice despite the immediate (العاجلة) like bread, butter, cheese, banana being available due to the conviction (يقين) that he has in the briyani that hasn't even been cooked yet. 

In the same way, our Buzrugan-e-Deen (pious...


Le vrai goût de Imaan

 ثلاث من كن فيه وجد حلاوة الايمان :

ان يكون الله ورسوله احب اليه مما سواهما وان يحب المرأ لا يحبه الا لله وان يكره ان يعود فى الكفر كما يكره ان يقذف فى النار (البخارى) 

Traduction :

Celui ki ena trois qualités dans li, li pou gagne la (vrai) douceur de Imaan:

  1. Ki Allah...


An attempt to demolish Islaam

Legislations like stoning a married person who committed adultery or death penalty for a person who committed ‎apostasy have always existed. Great Ulama like the 4 Ai'mah, Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi'i and Imam ‎Ahmad Bin Hambal (R) did not find any defect or irregularity in those Hadith that prove that. These were great ‎personalities who, at any moment, never considered nor analyzed the law lightly in any circumstances. They are each ‎well known for their profound knowledge in Deen and for their irreproachable and exemplary behaviour. ...


The Reign of Juhhaal (ignorants)

According to Nabi (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam)'s predictions, a time will dawn before Qiyaamah where the knowledge of Deen will be raised. This is because there will be no-one who will have the knowledge of Deen. Nowadays, ignorance has become so rampant that we can see that the general public no longer has a good judgment to distinguish between a true and a false 'Alim. It is for this reason that people are easily deceived by the eloquence, outer appearance and façade of a speaker. The proverb: "geste touye connaissance" (Pretence suppress/overtakes...


Roza de ene personne ki fine levé après sehri

Normalement ene dimoune avant li alle dormi le soir, li ena l'intention pou garde roza le matin. Astere si li pas fine réussi levé avant l'heure sehri et so sommeil fine cassé après l'heure sehri, li bizin pas mangé boire parceki li déjà en état de roza. Faire sehri pou garde roza li sounnat. Pas obligé faire sehri pou garde roza mais pas bon garde roza sans faire sehri. Donc si kikene fine reste dormi et pas fine gagne le temps pou faire sehri, so roza compté. Faudré pas mangé boire par l'impression ki li pas dans roza.


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